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Client Success Story: Amanda

Amanda was a client in our March 2021 FAT LOSS LIFESTYLE SCHOOL. Since completing the program, she has continued on as a member of our STRONGER TOGETHER Training Club! This is is her success story!


"Like most of the ladies you help, I have spent my entire life looking for 'the diet answer' or exercising for more food .

I would always search for the truth and could never find it. I would quit and try some other silly diet that never worked.

That all ended with you. I have always loved food and cared about what I was eating, but you truly showed me the way.

Allowing me to see that you don’t have to workout constantly to get results was life changing. The saying, 'You can’t out work a shitty diet' makes so much sense! Finally!

Since March 2021 FLLS, I have lost more inches than I can count, I'm down 15 pounds, and I have arm muscle and abs again!

During and after doing your program, I continued to lift weights with my trainer and I have never felt so good. In fact, the other day she said, “You’ve have gotten so strong. You are doing so well. What changed?”

I spilled my guts to her about what you do and how wonderful it is. She beamed for me! I truly appreciate you and everything that you do. I haven't been this happy and healthy in a very long time.

I truly send anyone your way who will listen; you are just what women need! I heard a podcast the other day talking about fasting, carb cycling, etc., and normally I would have listened, but this time I rolled my eyes and turned it off. Like, yeah no thanks!

Thank you again for all that you do!!"

- Amanda S., March 2021 Fat Loss Lifestyle School grad


Tired of doing one-size-fits-all fad diets and killing yourself in the gym? There's a better, smarter way to get lean and strong - we'll show you how in our signature 6-week online program, FAT LOSS LIFESTYLE SCHOOL.

Click the button below for details on the next FLLS!

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