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Client Success Story: Wajeha

Wajeha was a member of our August 2020 FAT LOSS LIFESTYLE SCHOOL. Already active in Crossfit, Wajeha wanted help with nutrition, as she wasn’t seeing results from all her hard work in the gym.

After 4 weeks in FLLS, she now knows how to eat to fuel her workouts AND she's getting fat loss results. She worked with Coach Jenn Lucas, who is also an avid Crossfitter and Level-1 Certified Crossfit Coach as well.

Here is Wajeha’s review of FAT LOSS LIFESTYLE SCHOOL!


"After FLLS, I finally feel like I have clear-cut information on fitness and nutrition that's actionable, and as a result, my anxiety around food has decreased so much!"

A Personalized Approach to Nutrition

"Tailoring the FLLS TEMPLATE™ to each of us individually based off our biofeedback (hunger, energy, and cravings) has to be the best thing in the world! Prior to this program, I was so afraid to eat more than 4 ounces of protein, and would be so hungry the rest of the day that I always ended end up binge eating at night.

I can honestly say that in these 4 weeks, there has been no binge eating. Even when I had my Treat Meals or snacked here and there, it was only a bite or two. I finally have control over my cravings and hunger."

A New Mindset About Food

"My old mindset around vegetables and salads was that they weren't filling. I was always around guys when I was growing up and they called salads 'rabbit food!'

But now, I crave vegetables and salads and know they're vital to getting full."

More Movement = Less Stress

"Finally, walking has to be the most under-rated thing ever! I have come to appreciate it so much for lowering my day's stress and clearing my mind."

Wajeha’s Results

"The scale at home has slowly gone down and my pre-COVID jeans actually button up now! I'm excited to do my second InBody scan in 2 more weeks, and then again at 12 weeks. Thank you so much Jenn and Leslie for all your help and coaching!"

Tired of one-size-fits-all diets that leave you hungry and not seeing results? The next FAT LOSS LIFESTYLE SCHOOL is starting soon and we would LOVE to show you how to simplify food and fitness for sustainable fat loss! Click the button below for more info!

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