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Client Success Story: Sarah

Sarah completed FAT LOSS LIFESTYLE SCHOOL as part of our Spring 2023 program. After the program ended and we saw the amazing results she got, we asked Sarah to share her success story!


Q: What was your main reason for signing up for FLLS?

A: "I needed a health-focused reset."

Q: What was your lifestyle (meaning: nutrition, training, mindset, results) like before FLLS?

A: "Before starting FLLS I was eating healthy foods, but I wasn’t happy with where I was fitness- and weight-wise. I didn’t have a training plan and was doing random cardio here and there."

Q: How is your lifestyle better since completing FLLS?

A: "This has been a complete lifestyle transformation. I had no idea I wasn’t eating enough protein before this. I am now eating 4 Template meals a day. It made such a big difference in my energy levels. I was never a breakfast person before this, but having a shake that fits the FLLS Template each morning keeps me focused throughout the morning.

"We have started going on daily after-dinner walks as a family (without phones) which has been a great way to connect and relax at the end of the day. The training program was so easy to follow and I feel so much stronger. I've already ordered another set of dumbbells to increase my weights!"

Q: What were your physical results over the course of 6-weeks?

A: I am down 8.5 pounds, down 2.4% body fat, and 14 inches overall. My clothes are fitting so much better again. I was almost to the point of needed to buy bigger pants before this. My “standing only” jeans are now jeans I can wear all day comfortably.

L to R: Photo 1 - Before FLLS. Photo 2: End of FLLS Week 6 progress photos.

Q: What would you say to another woman struggling with fat loss and/or lifestyle change, who is considering FLLS?

A: "I would say it is 100% worth it if you are ready to make a change. The slow start really helped me get focused and learn what I needed to do to begin this process. Every other program I have done you have to change everything all at once. The way FLLS is programmed doesn’t make you feel rushed or burnt out; it really is learning a new lifestyle. The coaches are there to answer questions and help guide you along the way! I cannot wait to keep going."

Q: What was your favorite part of FLLS?

A: "The feedback from the coaches!"

After the program ended, Sarah joined our STRONGER TOGETHER Training Club, and also shared this with us:

"FLLS has been such an amazing lifestyle change for my whole family! I have continued to see so much progress! I was sick yesterday and my husband was actually sad we didn’t go on our normal long walk. Template meals have really streamlined our cooking and has made everything easier. Thank you again for all the information and guidance!!"


Can you relate to Sarah's story? Are you eating healthy, working out, but not seeing ANY results? Having a game plan specific to your goals is the answer - and that's exactly what you get in FAT LOSS LIFESTYLE SCHOOL. Get details and join the Interest List for the next FLLS here:

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