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"Truly Soul-Shifting" - a Client Success Story

As trainers and coaches, we absolutely love clients who show up ready to learn, hungry for knowledge. This client - who chose to withhold her name for privacy reasons due to her profession - took full advantage of our small coaching group structure and Monday-Friday check-ins.

She already knew a lot about fitness and nutrition, but asked lots of questions and truly wanted to understand WHY:

Why what she was doing before FLLS left her feeling so void of energy and results, and why this new way of eating, training, and living was working.

Here’s the message she sent us a couple days ago:


“I’ve had this email brewing in my mind for weeks. It was so important for me to reach out to express deep gratitude for the FLLS program and community. I did FLLS in March. I’m floored. I can’t un-know what I know now and it’s been truly soul-shifting.

Prior to FLLS, I wasn’t “overweight” but I didn’t feel like myself.

I felt like I was shooting in the dark, trying to live well, following all of the “rules,” but not reaping any benefits for my efforts.

My energy was inconsistent and it really affected my quality of life, both personally and professionally. All of that has now changed.

A New Lifestyle That Works

It feels SO GOOD to feel good. Working WITH my body is a breath of fresh air.

A couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t sure I was really making much progress, but then I looked at photos from the past several months and was totally floored.

WHAT? Girl, I’ve lost almost 15 lbs. since finding your page via Instagram in January. I can’t remember the last time I looked or felt like this.

I have a (very) busy 2-year-old and I’m a full-time psychotherapist.

I have plenty of stress. I am stretched for time like everyone else. And this lifestyle brings me total joy and delight.

Fat Loss Results - Even While Breastfeeding

I was also fortunate to nurse my son until May 2021. I was able to do FLLS and see fat loss results while maintaining milk supply. When I weaned him after FLLS, I didn’t stop making progress. I absolutely had to change how I was eating, but I knew what to change to keep me on track, and it barely phased me.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. I can’t express how much I appreciate this program and community.

The thoughtfulness, communication, and attention to detail come through in almost everything you all do. I will be forever grateful for how you’ve shifted my life!”


(Name Withheld), March 2021 Fat Loss Lifestyle School grad


There’s a lot of “noise” online - especially in the health and fitness realm. It feels like you’re trying to juggle 2 dozen balls every day, all in the name of so-called “wellness”- but it never actually makes you look or feel that well at all.

Believe it or not, changing your body and your lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. There are 4 factors that truly move the dial for fat loss: nutrition, movement, mindset, and workouts.

In our 6-week online signature program, FAT LOSS LIFESTYLE SCHOOL, we’ll teach you how to put the pieces together with our simple, streamlined approach to fat loss and lifestyle change.

Busy women juggling families and successful careers don’t need any more on their plates; in fact, we’re here to help you take things OFF your plate:

  • To show you how to work smarter - not harder.

  • To help you get your energy back.

  • To get you focused on what moves the dial, so you can shut down all the noise in your head about what you should and shouldn’t eat or do.

In FLLS, we make fat loss and lifestyle change simple, enjoyable, and doable. If this sounds like the program you've been searching for, learn more now and get details on joining us for the next 6-week FLLS.

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