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The Truth About Fat Loss: Trusting the Process and 10 Essential Insights

"Trust the process." 

It's one of those annoying phrases that trainers like me love to use, right?! 

We typically say it when clients ask us why they aren't getting faster results. 

"The scale didn't move this week," she says.

"Trust the process," the trainer says.

(((Client gets more frustrated and wants to punch trainer in the neck.)))


Well this morning, I had to give myself this advice. I'm 6 months out from having my son and I'm still working on regaining my fitness level and fitting back into my pre-baby clothes. And guess what? I, too, have moments where I think, "UGH. It's not going fast enough!"

I'm sharing this with you because you may think that losing fat, building muscle, etc. is effortless for some people, like trainers and coaches. That we don't understand how frustrating it is for you.

It's important for you to know:




And that's ultimately what "Trust the Process" means:

It's accepting that losing fat, building lean muscle, and changing habits is a long, slow process for EVERYONE, especially if you want results that last! 

Here are a 10 TRUTHS ABOUT FAT LOSS to keep you going when you're not sure it's working and you want to quit:

  1. You won't lose weight every week, even when you're doing everything right.  

  2. When you're on your menstrual cycle, your weight and measurements WILL go up. Our bodies retain water due to hormonal fluctuations, but this isn't fat gain!! The water weight will drop right off once your cycle is over.  

  3. The scale alone is not an accurate measure of your progress. Any reputable fat loss program will include resistance training and a high-protein diet, so you WILL be (hopefully!) gaining lean muscle mass. This may read as the scale going up at times, but your body is getting smaller, tighter, and healthier! That's a WIN.  

  4. Scale weight fluctuates almost constantly, so use other methods to track progress like measurements, progress photos, how your clothes fit, and performance in the gym.  

  5. Eating for weight loss without lifting weights is like buying a house without a foundation. (<---YIKES.) While you might weigh less at the end of your diet, your body will be even softer/flabbier than it was when you started. For the BEST results, we gotta lift! :) Muscle is the foundation of a good metabolism.  

  6. Fat loss isn't a "forever" goal. Ever notice how you lose the most weight in the first 1-2 weeks of a program, and then it slows WAY down? The longer you try to lose fat, the less responsive your metabolism becomes. "Fat loss fatigue" kicks in and you have a harder time staying compliant with your program. Fat loss is best approached in phases of ~6-10 weeks (12 tops), followed by breaks where you focus on maintaining your new current weight before attempting another fat loss phase. Strategic breaks are key.  

  7. It can't not work. You just have to keep going! Eat in a slight calorie deficit with high protein intake and lift weights. If you do that, even imperfectly, you will get a leaner, stronger, healthier body over time.  

  8. It's impossible to predict how long it will take. If someone guarantees a certain amount of weight loss or physique change by a specific date/time, RED FLAG. RED FLAG! RUN!!!  

  9. Slow progress is still progress. Even if you "only" lose half a pound, or half an inch here and there, DOWN IS DOWN. Take the win and celebrate it, because this is how you're going to reach your ultimate goal: in small, steady increments.  

  10. Increasing walking and non-exercise activity is one of the most underrated dial movers for fat loss. When results plateau, most people go straight for "eat less and do more cardio" - and it ALWAYS backfires. Adding another 1-2k daily steps is an EASY way to expend more energy without increasing appetite and cravings.

Which one of these did you need to be reminded of today? Hit the comments below and let me know!

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