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Client Success Story: Rachael

Rachael was a client in our August 2020 Fat Loss Lifestyle School program. Prior to the Coronavirus lockdowns, she was teaching lots of group fitness classes each week and didn’t know how to fuel her body properly.

She now has a whole new outlook on workouts and nutrition and is feeling better than ever!

Read how Rachael transformed from over-trained and hangry to energized and balanced in her success story below.



For the past two years, I’ve been running myself ragged teaching RPM® (an indoor cycle class) 5 days a week. Sometimes, it was even up to 7-8 times per week with subbing classes for other instructors. I was always so tired and had no energy for my family or my home. I ate whatever I wanted and justified it because I was teaching so much. I knew I was overdoing it with workouts, but I didn’t have it in me to take a step back because I felt so committed to my classes and members.

“If I don’t show up for them, no one will,” I thought.


Ultimately, COVID-19 gave me some much-needed decompression time and a break from teaching classes.

I took advantage of the break, but, like a lot of people, dealt with the COVID stress with food. I felt unable to gain control over my food choices.

One day, I signed up for the REAL FITNESS TRAINING emails, and in a quick email exchange with Leslie Ann surrounding my biggest challenges with fat loss, one of her responses was,

“You just have to become a better cook.”

So I started there.

I tried making some changes based on what I already knew about the Fat Loss Lifestyle based on some of the things I had learned in Leslie Ann’s podcast and from following FLLS on Instagram.

It got me started, but I needed more guidance and support. I knew something needed to change for me because I hated the way I felt every day on the inside.


I was extremely hesitant to sign up for FLLS. Why?


I really felt like I was going to spend money to learn things I already knew about nutrition & fitness, only to find myself doing more of what I had always done.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Yes, I heard a lot of what I already knew. But I found the video lessons very informative, leaving me with lots of “aha” moments.

Most importantly, I learned so much about myself, why I revert to certain habits, and learned to listen for and read the cues my body is giving me with when and what I eat (or don’t).

I have also learned how to be a better cook!!

I learned that I can be creative in the kitchen. I can provide fulfilling, flavorful meals so much easier when I don’t overthink or over-complicate ingredients or recipes.


FLLS has truly changed the way I approach mealtime, not only for me but for my family. It has been worth every penny.

Leslie Ann has has given me so much useful and helpful information and tools, and the coaching and guidance from Coach Krissy was invaluable.

My mindset really needed to change. It would have been so easy to drop the cash on other things vs. investing in my own health.

I am so glad I bit the bullet and signed up.

FLLS helped me create a concrete plan to try new strategies and approaches to food/fuel & fitness, and it gave me the skills to implement them so that can live a healthier, more balanced life.

I have more energy.

I am eating delicious food.

I am feeling great I know how to crush cravings.

The fat loss is the bonus.

The true reward is feeling my best.

There is no better feeling than living my life without feeling over-trained, hangry, cranky, and fatigued. Thank you, Leslie Ann, and thank you Coach Krissy. I finally have the outlook I need to keep moving forward instead of giving in defeated."

- Rachael, August 2020 Fat Loss Lifestyle School


Do you need a change? Are you ready for a new outlook on fitness and nutrition? Take back control of your body and lifestyle in our 6-week online fat loss and lifestyle change program, FAT LOSS LIFESTYLE CHOOL. Get details and learn more now:

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