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The Maintenance Method is a new 6-week online program for graduates of FAT LOSS LIFESTYLE SCHOOL.

I created The Maintenance Method because more and more of our FLLS grads were asking questions like,

"What happens when I reach my goal?"

"Do I just stay in fat loss mode...forever?"

"What comes next?"

I knew it was time for our REAL FITNESS TRAINING community to learn about one of the most important components of a lean, healthy lifestyle: MAINTENANCE!

"Maintenance" is the amount of calories you need to maintain your current weight, at your current activity level.

Too many women make the mistake of trying to lose fat FOREVER, because here's what a lot of fat loss coaches don't want you to know:

The longer you stay in a calorie deficit/fat loss phase, the less effective it becomes.

As women, we shouldn't be in "fat loss mode" 365 days a year, even if we still haven't reached our final goal yet.

By cycling through phases of Maintenance and Fat Loss, you can avoid the negative side effects that come from periods of prolonged dieting.

For example, after around 10-12 weeks, you might notice your results come to a standstill. Hunger and cravings come roaring back, making it even harder to stay on your program (aka in a calorie deficit.)

Not to mention, you're mentally exhausted from thinking about fat loss. You need a BREAK, but you don't know how to do that, so you do one of two things:

Take the wrong kind of break and revert back to your old ways of eating and not exercising. (All the weight you lost comes back...)


You sign up for a more extreme fat loss program that cuts calorie intake and increases workouts even more. You get even more burned out, and eventually throw in the towel, leading to - you guessed - gaining back all the weight you lost.

THE MAINTENANCE METHOD is the answer. The proven strategy you need to stop the yo-yo diet cycle and learn to maintain a lean, fit, healthy body year-round.

The Maintenance Method is a 6-week online small group training program that shows you how to take a break from fat loss without sabotaging your long-term results.

Our first Maintenance Method group started in late April, and ended on June 3, 2023. As soon as I started seeing the testimonials and progress photos from this group, I knew this program belonged in our permanent suite of offerings here at Real Fitness Training.

What in Included in The Maintenance Method?

  • Membership in a small group for a high-touch experience

Each Maintenance Method coaching group is capped at 15 clients and is application-only.

  • Custom macros with adjustments as needed

We'll work together to find your nutrition sweet spot: the number of calories you can eat

each day without regaining the weight you lost in FAT LOSS LIFESTYLE SCHOOL. You'll

receive custom macros - a daily calorie intake target broken down by grams of protein, fat,

and carbs.

  • Learn to use Macro Tracking as a TOOL, not a way of life.

  • Weekly check-ins and feedback

Data collection is KEY to a successful Maintenance program! As a MM client, you'll weigh-in

3x a week and submit weekly progress photos in our training app.

  • Three live group coaching calls

  • 8-week strength training program

Access exclusive workouts to help you lose inches, build lean muscle mass, and improve your

body composition. Workouts can be done in the gym OR at home, as long as you have

heavy enough weights to challenge yourself!

  • A game plan for your next fat loss phase

Learn how to properly set up your nutrition and training during a fat loss phase. You'll know

exactly how to eat and train for the BEST results - without restriction, extremes, or doing

long-term damage to your metabolism.

What Clients are Saying About The Maintenance Method

" I loved every part of this program ❤️." - Jennifer S.

"My biggest wins were making food fun again, changing my mindset, and showing up for me and doing what I need to do for myself! I also had the best sleep I’ve had in over a year!" - Dianna R. "I think the biggest win is that my body deserves to be treated better than constant "restriction" and then swinging to the other extreme. I didn't even realize I was doing it until I stayed at maintenance for 4 weeks. That was so eye-opening to realize all the things I could eat, and to learn the correct quantittes (i.e. I needed more carbs, less fat). Everything improved in maintenance: sleep, cravings, energy, workouts, and mindset!" - Laura F. "Thank you Leslie Ann for this incredible program. The knowledge, check ins, feedback, workouts were PERFECT. Just what I needed to get out of my own way, and start making progress again." - Laura F.

"My biggest win was realising I can be at maintenance and it’s not as hard to do as I anticipated. For years I’ve been either in fat loss or in an "eat everything" mentality. Now I know how much I can eat and that I can enjoy all foods as part of my lifestyle." - Vanessa " I liked being able to build treats in MFP (My Fitness Pal) without depriving myself in other areas. I now have confidence that I can go in and out of maintenance mode while tracking macros. I never would have been able to do this without you Leslie Ann Quillen! Thank you for creating MM." - Tara S.

"What I’m most proud of is MUSCLES! I’m lifting some of the heaviest weight in my life and feel pretty bad ass. I also feel confident AF being at the community pool and playing in the water with my son!" - Jen F.

"My biggest win is learning that I don’t always need to be focusing on or obsessed over fat loss. I love that I can have the freedom to move between maintenance and fat loss. I was floored that I could actually still lose weight eating the amount of calories that I was consuming!" - Julie B. "It’s been a huge relief to see and feel the fruits of my efforts. It’s also just really flipping empowering to start feeling some familiarity with my body again post-baby #2, all while breastfeeding and working full-time and managing a household and all of the things. I loudly reject the narrative that having kids destroys a woman’s body and as I see whispers of my lean, strong body returning, my brain is like “HAHAHA, told ya! I’ll be back in my bikini next summer for sure!” Learning about cycling nutrition has filled a big gap in my brain that I believe will carry me forward for years to come!" - Emily B.

Join the Next Maintenance Method: Launching in August 2023

Are you a FAT LOSS LIFESTYLE SCHOOL alum who wants to learn more about The Maintenance Method? In this 6-week program, you'll work with REAL FITNESS TRAINING Founder, Leslie Ann Quillen and discover:

  • How to lose inches and body fat while increasing your calorie intake - even carbs!

  • How to track macros the RIGHT way: as a temporary tool to reach a specific goal. (Tracking does not have to be your forever lifestyle!)

  • How to cycle between phases of Maintenance and Fat Loss;

  • How build lean muscle mass and improve your body composition.

The next 6-week program will begin in mid-August 2023. The cost for 6-weeks of coaching with personalized macros and a training program is $349.

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