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When All Else Fails, Read the Directions

When all else fails, read the directions.

It’s not always my forte - I admit.

I know what to do. I’m a fitness professional and I completed Fat Loss Lifestyle School myself back in 2015, long before I became a coach here at REAL FITNESS TRAINING.

Somehow, in spite of all that, I got off track in 2019.

It was a fine year. I had so much to celebrate, but physically and mentally, I felt a little off my game.

Was it menopause? Maybe.

Was it the fast pace of life? Perhaps.

Or was it the way I was eating? Most likely.


Where did things go wrong?

Looking back, I believe my trip to Germany in June was the start of the slide.

In the land of beer, sausage, pretzels, and potatoes, I lived it up.

Mimosas at breakfast! Beer at lunch and dinner! All the bread! All the good stuff.

It was the vacation of a lifetime after all, and it was wunderbar!

By the end of the 9-day trip, even my stretchy leggings were snug.

And did I mention no workouts? The ONE burpee I did each day for social media, sadly, did not count as a workout. :)

After the Summer trip to Europe, I was back home - and that included lots of date nights with the hubby. That meant eating great meals out at restaurants and having drinks at the bar.

The streak continued into the holidays and all that implies: lots of festive foods and drinks.


I felt a bit “fluffier” - I’d gained 5-10 pounds - but more than anything, I felt just icky.

I hit January 1, 2020, feeling like crap.

Back when I carried an extra 50 pounds, I knew I was too young to have achy joints and no energy.

But this time, now that I’m 53, I could easily have chalked up the extra 5-10 pounds to “getting older” or “menopause” and let it go.

But I didn’t do that.

Looking in the mirror and being pleased with what I saw was one thing, but my knees, hips and elbows hurting all the time? Especially during workouts? That bothered me.

Was this really how I wanted to feel in my 50s?


How did I dig out of the hole I’d created in 2019?

I went back and read the directions.

I got back to eating for fat loss and following my Template, the way I learned in FAT LOSS LIFESTYLE SCHOOL.

Just a week into recommitting to my nutrition, my energy and brain clarity were sky high.

My body felt fueled and strong again.

My clothes started fitting better again.


We’re now three months in to 2020 and I’m down 8 pounds on the scale and several inches all over. All the numbers moving in the right direction. I’ve seen a 1% increase in muscle mass, and 1% decrease in body fat.

I’m eating a ton of food and not feeling hungry or deprived.

It turns out - when you learn how to eat for balanced biofeedback - i.e. balanced hunger, energy and cravings - this process is comfortable. Satisfying. And doable any place, any time.


I spent much of 2019 thinking I was broken, that my hormones were screwed up with age and menopause. I thought I had to accept being less than I wanted to be in my workouts, with a spare tire around my middle and waning energy.

I’m here to tell you:

Ladies: we don’t have to spend the latter half of our lives feeling weak, tired, and soft.

Fat Loss Lifestyle School teaches women everything they need - regardless of age - to make us lean, strong and able to be our best in every aspect of our lives.

For those of us who are getting our nests emptied, it’s time to celebrate! We have a lot of life left to give and live, and we’re going to do it with power, muscle, and swagger!

If you’re a woman nearing or post-menopause struggling with fat loss, our 6-week program FAT LOSS LIFESTYLE SCHOOL will teach you how to lose unwanted body fat and build lean muscle mass.

We’ll show you how you to adjust your nutrition, workouts, and overall lifestyle to feel lean, energized, and strong again.

The next FAT LOSS LIFESTYLE SCHOOL is starting soon and we’d love to work with you! Get details HERE.

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