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Client Success Story: Laura

This is a one-year update from our client Laura. She completed FAT LOSS LIFESTYLE SCHOOL in August 2019 and is currently a member of our STRONGER TOGETHER Training Club.

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight by eating less, cutting out all the foods you enjoy, and adding endless hours of cardio, Laura’s story will definitely strike a chord with you.

This is the kind of slow, steady, sustainable progress that comes from changing your lifestyle and learning to play the long game.

Take it away, Laura!! We are so, so proud of you and honored you chose us to be your trainers and coaches!


"I wanted to update you on my 12 month progress.

When people would say: 'Think about how good you'll feel and look in a year if you don't give up...'

- I had a hard time imagining that, because I want those instant before and after results that are all over the 'gram.

However, it has been a year now since I did FLLS (August 2019), and I am SO GRATEFUL I didn't give up!

I didn't get instant results, which at first disappointed me a little bit, but the education and foundation was solid. I also knew that I had put my body through the wringer with ALL the workouts and ALL the food restrictions for way too long. Then I joined the Stronger Together Test Group a few months ago and that sealed the deal!

Consistency Trumps Perfection

Over the past 12 months, I haven't been perfect. However, I have been consistent. This recovering perfectionist, Type A, do-all-the-cardio and cut-all-the-food girl can now honestly say that CONSISTENCY > Perfection.

Laura’s Results

My life no longer revolves around my workouts and food. I can now go hours not having to eat, my energy is UP, and my cravings are GONE.

I've lost 16 inches overall, including 4 from my waist and 5 from my hips! I'm down 2 pant sizes AND 32 pounds! I am currently the smallest I've been in my adult life - and the strongest.

This is what can happen is you play the long game and don't give up!

Finding Food Freedom

Before I found FLLS, I'd already lost 60+ pounds. But to lose the last chunk, I restricted food SO much and added so much cardio that disaster struck, and in a matter of months, 25 pounds came back.

I've since lost those 25 pounds - plus a bit more - but this time, I did it by eating all the things I had previously forbidden and letting go of all my "rules.”

For example, I hadn't had pizza in three freaking years. Now it's on a monthly rotation as a treat meal.

The fact that I've gotten these results while still enjoying foods like fruit, oats, nut butter, and potatoes DAILY blows my mind!

I've enjoyed myself at holidays. Weekly treat meals include foods like bread, pizza, cheese, or ice cream! I've been able to include all the things!

“What’s Your Secret?”

When people ask "what I'm doing," I just say:

“I'm eating more of the right things and working out less lol. It really CAN be done!”

THANK YOU! Thank you for all the dedication and hard work you put into your programs, your clients, and onto social media. Your education is TOP NOTCH! You've given me the tools I need, and I know as long as I stay consistent and do that work I will get to where I want to be. I am not at my goal, and it may take a while for me to get their, but I'm totally ok with that!

I am looking forward to seeing what workouts you have in store for us in the next round of Stronger Together - and a little nervous, too lol. :)"

- Laura, Fat Loss Lifestyle School alum and Stronger Together member


Are you ready to take the first step on your lifestyle change journey? Then what are you waiting for?!


The next Fat Loss Lifestyle School is starting soon! Get all the details HERE:

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