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For Busy Moms: 5 Reasons You Can Reach Your Goals Without Being a Short-Order Cook

“YES, I want to have more energy and lose weight. BUT, I have a family, and I have no time to cook separate meals. SO, I guess it will just have to wait…”

If you’re a busy mom who’s been told you have to cook separate meals for yourself and your family in order to reach your fat loss goals….

Newsflash: You are not a short-order cook!

NO ONE has time to cook two separate meals - one for your “diet” and one for your family - and you shouldn’t have to either.

You can reach your goals eating the same food as your family.

Busy Never Stops

You’ve seen the meme:

“Adulthood is saying: ‘I think things will calm down next week’ every week, until you die.’”


We think there will be a magical time in the future when life is less busy and less stressful, when we can finally focus on ourselves and our goals, but here’s the harsh reality:


So, if hours in the kitchen preparing separate meals for you and your family is the requirement for fat loss - it will never happen.

Good news though: we don’t have to do that!

Here are 5 reasons you can meet your fat loss goals without being a short order cook!

1. Good Food Is For Everyone

In Fat Loss Lifestyle School, we show you how to eat for fat loss; how to build meals that balance hunger and cravings with high-protein, high-fiber, high-water content foods.

But guess what types of meals are good for everyone, from toddlers to teens?

That’s right: meals that are high in protein, fiber, and water.

These foods help toddlers grow, tweens to have steady blood sugar (think: balanced moods and less snacking!) and high school athletes to perform.

The same foods that are good for female fat loss are also good foods for the entire family.

2. Different Ratios, Not Different Meals

While it’s true that kids shouldn’t be restricting calories, that doesn’t mean they need to eat completely different food than adults. You can easily modify a fat loss-friendly meal to be kid-friendly, simply by modifying the ratios of different ingredients.

They need more calories? More carbs? More fats? EASY.

Say it’s taco or fajita night:

Everyone can eat the same base: a seasoned protein like steak or chicken with vegetables.

Kids can easily add extra servings of starch like tortillas, beans, and chips to their plates.

Little ones can add more cheese or guac or sour cream. Growing teens may want extra guacamole (dietary fat is crucial to healthy hormone production) on their fajita bowl.

It’s different ratios and everyone gets what they need and like, but everyone is still eating the same meal.

3. Fat Loss Meals Are DELICIOUS and Satisfying!

You do not have to eat bland diet food to lose fat and feel amazing!

Meals based around protein and produce are high volume, high flavor, and low in calories. But that doesn’t mean you have to eat grilled chicken on a bed of lettuce!

As a woman with fat loss goals, you absolutely can (and should!) cook with flavorful seasonings and sauces to make your food DELICIOUS.

Come see what I eat daily on Instagram (@krissfitroseville). You will find zero flavorless food and LOTS of fat loss- AND family-friendly meal ideas.

Everyone will be full, happy, and satisfied!

4) Modify Family Meals That Your Kids Already Love.

If they like barbecued chicken, use a spice rub and/or a lower-sugar barbecue sauce to make it a better meal for fat loss.

If they like pasta, serve a few different types of noodles: a high protein/fiber pasta like Banza, along with zucchini noodles, or spaghetti squash alongside a lean meat sauce. Everyone can build their bowl according to their tastes and preferences!

5) Meals Are Teachable Moments.

When the whole family is eating the same thing together, kids learn (in slow-drip fashion) that food is a tool to help them with their own goals.

Without even trying, you are teaching them what kind of after-school snack will get them through that long band or soccer practice.

They are learning that if they eat protein at breakfast, they will be able to make it to recess without their tummy growling in class.

We’ve seen so many of our clients’ kids express interest in healthy foods because they see what mom is eating and it looks good!

They start asking, “Can you make me some of those protein pancakes? Can I have a slice of frittata? Can you make me a smoothie?”

So many fat loss programs have busy mamas skipping meals, eating prepackaged diet meals, drinking shakes instead of eating, or cooking separate meals for their families.

Food isn’t merely a tool for controlling weight. It is FUEL FOR LIFE.


With a little education, coaching, and a few new tools, you can make family meals work for everyone’s goals.

If you are a BUSY WOMAN and you want to get yourself and your family on a healthier path, NOW IS THE TIME.

The next FAT LOSS LIFESTYLE SCHOOL starts soon! Click the link below to learn more, reserve your spot, and get on your way to eating in a way that serves you AND makes your family happy.

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